Christian Nationalism, Part 2 – Dr. Joel Biermann and Dr. Joel Okamoto

Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived explores the ways in which theology permeates all aspects of life. Through conversations with the faculty of Concordia Seminary, we will challenge you to deepen your theology and live out your faith in Christ. Jessica Bordeleau talks with a variety of guests on a variety of topics. There is something different in every episode, but all point to the intersection of faith and daily life. It’s tangible: theology learned and lived.

In part two of this series, Dr. Joel Biermann and Dr. Joel Okamoto discuss the role of the church vs. the role of individual Christians in political engagement. They don’t offer a list of directions, but a framework in which to make the choices for yourself. Their conversation will challenge you to think beyond the easy answers.

You can find more episodes of Tangible: Theology Learned and Lived on CSL Scholar and across all major podcast platforms. Check it out!





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