Site Upgrades

Because we have so much awesome stuff on our site, and so many people want to use it, access has slowed down a bit. We know that you can’t waste your valuable time watching a spinning hourglass or pinwheel, so we’re upgrading the site by shifting to a faster server. As the internet figures out which server location to find us at, your page refreshes might lag, but the system should work itself out by the end of the weekend. You won’t be able to add comments to any articles on Thursday afternoon (Dec. 6), but by Thursday evening you can fire away in your normal, positive tone. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy and are encouraged by our two most recent resources:

The Psalms and Life in God’s Creation,” a Bible study on several Psalms with creation themes.

Preacher’s Roundtable: Preaching Luke, Part 1,” with Profs. Schmitt, Oschwald, and Kloha on Luke in the lectionary, series C








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