Race, Ethnicity, and the Gospel

Race, Ethnicity, and the Gospel

Editor’s note: this collection of video, audio, and print resources is curated from Concordia Seminary’s Scholar archive (https://scholar.csl.edu). These open-access resources are free for congregations, ministries, and individuals to use for further reflection, study, and conversation.


Matthew 15:31-46
Bruce Hartung

Mark 8:27-35
Victor Belton

1 Corinthians 7:29-35
David Schmitt
Note: this was the first MLK Day after the police killing of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

1 Corinthians 6:12-20
Leo Sanchez


Doing Justice: Paradoxical and Doxological Dimensions
John Nunes

Lutherans and Justice: A History of Quietism or Activism?
Kathryn Galchutt

Freedom of a Christian: Lutheran Contributions to Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Social Justice
John Witte Jr.

Note: the three presentations above come from the 2012 Theological Symposium, “Doing Justice: The Church’s Faith in Action” (https://scholar.csl.edu/theo/2012/). Papers from this Symposium were published in the Summer 2013 issue of the Concordia Journal, available to alumni and subscribers through the Atlas database.

A Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr.
Kaye Wolff, Kou Seying, John Loum, Eustolio Gomez, Allan Buckman, et al.

Diversity and Unity in a Multicultural Church
Kou Seying

Perspectives from the Field II
Victor Belton

Personal Perspectives from Ethnic Communities
Donald Anthony

Perspective from the Field “Spiritual DNA for a Multiethnic Church: 101”
Chris Bodley

Personal Perspectives from Ethnic Communities: African-American
Melvin Butts

Expressions of Hope, Part 2
Dien Taylor

Other Historical Resources

Opportunities and Challenges in Ethnic Ministry
Douglas Rutt

Renewing Urban Ministries
John Nunes

Effective minority ministry in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
Richard Dickinson

Mission and Ministry in the Trenches
Ulmer Marshall

Modeling a New Approach in Urban Ministry
Frazier Odom

Black and White Together : We Shall Overcome
William Schiebel

Black Urban Ministry Part 2
Will Herzfeld

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